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Hi! I am Melvin Jesse Mudgett Jr.
                           I've been an entreprenuer and affiliate marketer for a few years now. Through the years I have developed affiliate connections to 100's of merchants while promoting their products.  First I'd like to tell you a short story.
           Like alot of men, I can get a little forgetfull when it comes to birthdays and anniversaries etc.  Which was the case for me as I let my anniversary sneak up on me. With just a couple of days before, I raced to a very reputable jewelry store and found a very nice anniversary band. The jeweler did not have any sales going on at the time. Being pinched for time I purchased the band without saving any money. A day later, I kept seeing other jewelers with posted sales going on and thought to myself "Where was a sale when I needed one?" I've learn two things.
  #1 Look for a sale!  #2 Shop Early!      (My wife did love her ring.)
                            Now I have a new mission. Help you find a sale and save you  some money! I started a website to do just that. Most of my connections are in the Clothing and Accessories niche, so I thought I could help you save money there. Keep your eye on us for those merchants having a sale! We know how valuable time is and want you to know that we appreciate the time you spend with us. Thank You!

Melvin J. Mudgett Jr.
Let's Save Some Money!
Let's Save Some Money!
M. J. Mudgett Jr. 
A Sale! When You Need It!