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Ever notice the TIME you've waisted by watching the same commercial on TV over and over for an item you're not in the market for?  Or your inbox flooded with sales and offers you're not ready for?                
          Welcome to Consumer Sales Center! The goal of our website is to save you time and money when you ARE in the market for an item. We have connections to 100's of affiliate partners in the Clothing and     Accessories niche. We have the inside track as to when they will launch their sales.
             There are always events, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and many other reasons to keep checking our site for a sale.

We will do everything we can to keep improving our site and to keep you up to date on the current sales going on.   No log in required (Window shopping is allowed!) Always shop a sale and shop early for great selections before their stock runs out!                 

Let's Save Some Money!
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